Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Dispersal Event

Press release: Art Dispersal at Basilica Hudson on May 20 & 21 Aims to Distribute 100 Pieces of Visual Art in a Free Cultural Event Local painter Laura Summer is bringing to Basilica Hudson, 110 Front Street, a new experiment in an ongoing effort to de-commodify art. On May 20 & 21, from 3:00 to 9:00 pm both days, 100 pieces of visual art by various artists will be on display. They will also be ready for dispersal to the general public. The paintings will be available to anyone who would like to live with a particular piece of art for an indefinite period of time. “As a society we have placed original art outside the financial means of the majority of people. At the same time we have impoverished most of our artists,” says Ms. Summer, co-founder with Nathaniel Williams of the Free Columbia Art Course. “This event is an effort to draw attention to this reality and to give people an opportunity to live with original art, while seeking alternative means to fund cultural life.” Anyone interested in viewing the art and taking a piece home with them is invited to attend. Organized by students of the Free Columbia Art Course, the event includes other cultural offerings: Sunday at 7:00 pm The Blue Maddies, a bluegrass quartet of performing artists KC Groves (of Uncle Earl), Tierney Kathleen Jacobson, Seth Travins and Aldo Lavaggi, will perform. The Monday Night Singers, an a cappella chorus of Think OutWord, will sing on Monday at 7:00 pm, followed by an improvisational performance with David Anderson of Walking the Dog Theatre. So, is there a hitch in all this? Ms. Summer replies, “Well, if you think: This art dispersal is a good thing, what can I do so that it happens again? My answer is — you can support the conditions that make free culture possible. You can make a pledge or a donation to Free Columbia. Let us see what happens when we ask people to support the conditions for creativity instead of purchasing artwork.”
Comments: I placed the painting in my meditation room, and have the opportunity to enjoy its contribution to the atmosphere of the room. It’s a very magical painting! I displayed it so that the “light” can enter through the heads of the people that are depicted in the scene. I notice that the light is coming in through these little holes in the back……accident, or purposeful……in any event delightful. I enjoyed, very much, that art is being made available for the people. I had, this summer, the opportunity to work with, and co-create art with some artists from the Occupy movement who came up to Catskill for a “From Wall St. to Main Street” curated show. Their tales of artists positioning themselves outside museums, expensive art galleries, and the such, to offer free, or by donation, cardboard art was very exciting to me. I think that they would have LOVED your Art Dispersal Event. Maybe next time, I can get it together to get the word out to them. I admire, very much, the work of Free Columbia. I only wish I had the time to participate in the program myself. Maybe some day. Thanks a million. I love looking at the piece every day. A lovely total experience – thank you Beginning – not knowing what was happening, middle – it’s working!!! End – a totally satisfying experience, new, social, surprising…making people so happy. This is amazing! we love being able to own original art. Thank you! The one who gives receives! Awesome IDEA, Awesome Reality. I love this new impulse. It may not be realized in our time but it is important to support it. Revolutionary! thank you for inspiring creativity. DO IT AGAIN! Hooray! The sight of this warms my heart. This is wonderful. It is so hard t just receive this, you know, as a gift. This is very special. BEST ART SHOW EVER AWESOME from Triform Spread the word – very, very, inspiring. for the first time I have dispersed. Beautiful love, love love it all! It sort of felt like adopting a baby. A beautiful quiet well behaved baby. It was as if everyone had a painting that was meant for them in the room and they had to find theirs. stats: New York: 26 to Hudson 24 to Ghent 1 to Brooklyn 2 to Hillsdale 4 to Catskill 1 to Copake 11 to Philmont 2 to NYC 6 to Red hook 3 to Albany 6 to Chatham 1 to Elizaville 1 to Germantown 1 to Kinderhook states: 1 to CT 6 to MA 4 to VT 5 to CA 3 to MD 1 to CO 1 to MI 1 to NH countries: 3 to Belgium 1 to England 1 to Sweden 116 total comments 2 months later We loved the festival--paintings, singing, live art, etc. We have 3 (in MD). It was perfect timing as we are painting and redecorating a few rooms. Thanks so much, Rita and Denny McMullin I am so honored to have been a part of something so creative and with such a wonderful philosophy. The art dispersal was such a fun event I love my painting and I think of that fun day every time I look at it. Hope you are having a wonderful summer! I caught my first trout on a fly on Sunday. It was very exciting! Looking at your work makes me think that this kind of activity makes a more lasting impression by being in the house than not because it does form part of our daily life. It weaves itself into our daily imagination and emotions without being prompted by external considerations. It forms part of our daily eyes.

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